Winnisquam Beach Campground Unit Owners Association

Winnisquam Beach Campground Unit Owners Association

P.O.Box 249

Lochmere, New Hampshire 03252


**** Important information for prospective buyers ****


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by the Winnisquam Beach Resort website.  If you are seriously thinking about buying into the park, there is important information which you should be aware of.  Winnisquam Beach Resort is a condominium resort with 138 unit owners.  The By-Laws and Condominium Document are available upon request at the main office.  Please ask our manager for a “Welcome Packet”.

Listed below are some main points about our condominium.  Please realize that this information below may be different than what has been told to you by some (i.e. Sellers, Real Estate agents, etc.).  However, this information is the most accurate and up to date information available and any and all prospective buyers should be aware of our documents and By-Laws and have a full understanding prior to buying into the park.


Some important points to keep in mind:


1)    No pets are allowed in the park.  This By-Law is strictly enforced and includes all pets including cats and dogs.


2)    There is a $1000 entrance fee that is due and payable by ALL new purchasers into the park.   There are no exceptions to this and all new purchasers are required to pay the $1000 entrance fee upon transfer of deed.


3)    The Town of Belmont has control over all structures which are in the park.  This would include any units replaced as well as any new structures, such as additions, porches or decks (to name a few). 


4)    Every new purchaser in the park will be assigned a “family” code and “guest” code which will activate the gate for entrance to the park. 


5)    The speed limit throughout the park is 5mph



6)    Our current condo dues are $157 per quarter with a $30 guest fee added to our 2nd quarter bills.  This does not include any special assessment that may be voted in by the Association.  The Town Of Belmont bills unit owners directly for the cost of their sewerage hookups.  This is the unit owner’s responsibility, as are individual property tax bills.




7)    Not all sites are hooked into year round water.  Regardless of what you may have been told, there is NO guarantee that a particular site may be given approval for hookup by the Board of Directors.  Also, if your site is approved for year round water, please note that ALL costs to hook up to year round water are the responsibility of the unit owner and not the Association.  Depending upon where the deep water line is in your area, this could result in substantial costs.  Additionally, all hookups must meet minimum standards concerning shutoffs, depth of pipes, curb stops, etc...


8)    Docks on our waterfront are deeded to individual sites.  If the site you are interested in does not have a deeded dock, you cannot use the 15 minute dock by the ramp as your “own” dock, except for loading and unloading only.  The park does have 25 boat posts which can be used for watercraft tie up.  The first 15 boat posts are reserved by yearly lottery.  The final 10 posts are first come – first serve (meaning if you leave the post vacant, someone else could tie up to it while it is open).


9)    Any work being planned in the park, by either a unit owner or a designee, must have a work order completed prior to any work being done.  Some examples of these would include tree cutting, additions, sheds, fences or any type of excavation.




If you have any specific questions, please feel free to e-mail through this website.  Please keep in mind that the Condominium Document and By-Laws of Winnisquam Beach Campground are enforced.  Thank you.